As a true reflection of our philosophy, East Africa Camps have launched a series of
initiatives aimed at improving the lives of local communities and the places where
our activity takes place.

Plant a tree:

Our reforestation project in the Masaai Mara reserve, where each
traveller can contribute by planting a tree and help, in this way, to recover an area
at risk of deforestation.

Supporting Masai Moms:

Our project with the Masai community in Kenya where
travellers can contribute to the development of the local economy by buying
handcrafted jewellery and objects made by women in the villages without
intermediaries and at a fair price.

The Plaster House:

We are actively involved in improving the health of Tanzanian
children through this project where doctors perform orthopedic, neurosurgery and
plastic surgery operations. Our travellers can directly contribute to this cause by
bringing with them products that children need such as vitamin complexes and
formula milk, underwear, socks and school supplies and so on…



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Shanga House:

We help people with disabilities in Tanzania through Shanga
House project which produces glassware, household goods, decorative objects and
glass jewellery by recycling used bottles. We contribute by purchasing these
products for our camps.


Dunia Desing buys plastic bottles and other waste from street
children in Tanzania to create a new sustainable wood-like recycled material. We
use this revolutionary material to build the bases of our floors camp's, furniture and
school desks.

Mto Wa mbu Cultural Project:

We collaborate with the development of the local
population to promote this project. In our itineraries, we include a typical dinner for
our travellers in the house of local Mamas within their banana plantation helping to
its sustainability.

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